When you install the Little app on your Android phone, it asks for a list of permissions which can seem a bit overwhelming. The descriptions of these permissions are created by Google for Android, and are the same for every app. Currently there is no way for Little to customise these descriptions to make them easier to understand. To help you understand why we need these permissions and exactly what data we collect, here's a more detailed explanation of each permission below.


  • approximate location (network-based)
  • precise location (GPS and network-based)

We collect and send your approximate and precise location data to our servers so that we can show you the most relevant deals close to you. We also use this data to personalise the deals you see. Finally, this data is used for analytics at an aggregate level, which we can use to improve the personalised experience and location-based services we provide.


  • send SMS messages
  • receive text messages (SMS)
  • read your text messages (SMS or MMS)

When you install the Little app and enter your mobile number for registration, we send you a 4-digit one time password (OTP) by SMS to verify your phone number. The "receive SMS" and "read SMS" permissions allow the Little app to look for that incoming SMS message and parse it to automatically enter the OTP for verification. Little uses these permissions only to search for the verification message we send. We do not read or send to our servers the contents of any other messages in your inbox.


  • directly call phone numbers

The Little app requests this permission so that you can initiate calls to the merchants offering deals from within the app, if needed.

Photos / Media / Files

  • read the contents of your SD card
  • modify or delete the contents of your SD card

To display deals in a map view, the mapping libraries in the Little app use these permissions to temporarily save map data locally to your phone's external storage, like SD cards. By saving map data locally, your phone doesn't need to re-download the same map data every time you open a map view, which makes for a faster experience.


  • take pictures and videos

We need access to your phone’s camera so that you can take a photo of yourself and set your profile picture in the Little app.

Device ID & call information

  • read phone status and identity

We use this permission to obtain your Android device ID, which is sent to our servers and used in fraud prevention efforts.


  • read Google service configuration

This permission is required by Google Play Services — which provides core Google API functionality to Android applications — to allow your app to make use of Google webbased services (Google Maps API for Little).

  • full network access
  • receive data from internet

These permissions are required to access the internet, including communicating with Little’s servers, downloading deal data, exchanging payment information, etc.

  • prevent phone from sleeping

This permission allows the Little app to wake up your phone when a notification is received.

  • control vibration

This permission allows the Little app to trigger a vibration in your phone for notifications.

  • view network connections

This permission allows the Little app to detect if you’re connected to the internet, and whether you’re connected through a wi-fi or a mobile data connection. This allows unto optimise the performance of your app and your browsing experience based on the speed and quality of your internet connection.